This is the official site of Donut Cables LLC, registered in North Carolina.

Shipping information

Shipping is done via USPS First Class Package bubble mailers CONUS, USPS First Class Package small boxes internationally. Shipping is calculated automatically by weight and destination, and includes shipping materials costs.

If you are planning on ordering 5 or more cables, please contact me before you order so I can issue a coupon to amend shipping costs if necessary.

Invoicing disclaimer

If you dodge an invoice payment without letting me know ahead of time that you want to adjust your order or drop your order, you may be blacklisted from product sales carried out via invoicing.

Group Buy information

Group Buys are a method of sale similar to a pre-order. Payments are collected ahead of time in order to submit a bulk order to a manufacturer for production. Due to this, there is often an extended timeline from the order date to when the product is shipped out, with these timelines ranging from a couple weeks to several months. In all Group Buys posted here on the site I will include on the order page an estimated timeline for production and shipment. The nature of the GB process means that funds for refunds are not available after submission of the group payment to the manufacturer. In extreme cases refunds may be made available on a case-by-case basis.

Group Buy shipping disclaimers

As part of a group buy through this site you may have the option of choosing uninsured shipping for a large purchase. By choosing an uninsured shipping method you are acknowledging that you are aware that you are choosing a shipping method that is not insured, are aware of the consequences of doing so, and are accepting responsibility for said consequences when you choose that shipping method at checkout(Consequences of choosing an uninsured shipping method include lost, damaged, or stolen packages, which you will assume the monetary responsibility of should you choose an uninsured shipping method). This disclaimer will be include in the description for all group buys hosted through this site that allow the use of uninsured shipping methods for large purchases.

Cable related disclaimers and such

The cables I offer are a hand made product, so they might not always be absolutely perfect. I default to adding around 2″ to the length of each cable to ensure that cables are at least as long as what you order and no shorter. I always test my cables on my own keyboard and devices before sending them out, but sometimes USPS isn’t very kind to them ): If you receive a non-functioning or only partially-functioning cable, please contact me before attempting to modify the cable as I cannot repair or refund cables that have been modified.

I try my best to take pictures of my product options that will give you a good idea of what you are buying. Unfortunately, the pictures of the paracord I have posted may not perfectly match the actual product. There is always the chance of slight color shade differences and slight pattern differences between batches of paracord from the same seller/manufacture, and if I order paracord with the same name from a different seller/manufacturer. Please also keep in mind that colors on your monitor may not be perfectly accurate to colors in real life.

The intended use of my cables is for keyboards and that is what standard I test them to. While these cables should work fine for other applications, I do not guarantee that they will, and as such I am not responsible for damages resulting from the improper use of these cables. Any modification of a product that I have made by anyone other than myself relieves me of responsibility for the aforementioned modified product and relieves me of responsibility for the results of using said modified product. If a product of mine is determined to be defective on arrival or “DOA”, I will repair or replace the product on its return to me.

Prices may be subject to change at any time without notice. If you place an order then a price is changed, your order will be subject to the price at the time it was placed. Services may be modified or discontinued at any time without notice. I reserve the right to refuse service to anyone at any time for any reason.


Soldering/Assembly information

In regards to my titled “Soldering/Assembly Service”, the following information shall be pertinent. The submission of the quote request form is nonbinding and can be disregarded at any time by either party. A binding agreement for service is made once sufficient communication has passed and both parties are in agreement for services to be rendered. It shall be the responsibility of the customer of this service to provide adequate shipping for the agreed upon item to reach me without damage. Any damage that is encountered as a result of shipping shall be brought to the attention of the customer immediately upon arrival and shall not be taken as my responsibility. Any damage that occurs to the service item as a result of design or production flaws in the item that have been addressed by the designer/manufacturer, or have been encountered by others in the course of performing the same processes, shall not be my responsibility. Damage that occurs to the item in the normal course of the agreed upon work as a result of my own efforts shall be taken as my responsibility and shall be communicated with the customer to find an agreed upon resolution.

Items that have had services rendered to them shall be guaranteed to be free from defect in the serviced elements for at least one year or until work is performed by someone other than myself on that element. Parts purchased or provided from 3rd parties shall not be covered under this guarantee and shall instead fall under the product guarantees of the 3rd party.

Privacy Information

This site does not collect or store customer information unless they have willingly supplied that information, such as optional login information and order information. This information serves the purpose of aiding in the fulfilling customer orders. This information is not sold to 3rd parties. Cookies may be used in order to save customer preferences and shopping cart items. Cookies can be blocked by the customer at any time if they so choose. Payment information is submitted through PayPal’s own gateway and is not ever seen by this site.