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Fall approaches and trees begin to drop their leaves, but the mighty conifers will defiantly display their foliage against the change of the seasons, a fitting time for the return of GMK Coniferous! My first keyset design is back after amazing first round performance and near-constant inquiries as to a second round. Bold green on classic beige and black backdrop and crafted by GMK in Cherry profile with their renowned double-shot injection molding process, this keyset lets you display your keyboard’s “foliage” all year round for years to come.

Novelty designs are brought to you by Keebmeupscotty of GH.

This is a group buy, as such it falls under the shipping and group buy information and disclaimers at

Unlike my recent GBs you will be asked to pay as soon as you place the order. This is to prevent the delays these other GBs have experienced due to invoicing and non-payment.

This GB will run from October 1st until October 31st!

Proxies: –
zFrontier – and

MOQs for the kits are as follows:

Base – 27/150
– 150 – $150
– 250 – $135

Spacebar – 22/100
– 100 – $31
– 150 – $28

Novelties – 17/100
– 100 – $42
– 150 – $35

Bonsai – 13/100
– 100 – $70
– 150 – $65

MOQs include numbers from all regions.

Expected timeline:

Oct 1st-31st – GB period is open
Nov 1st-7th – Order numbers submitted to GMK, possible kit adjustments, payment submitted
Nov 8th – Feb 14th – Current estimated GMK production time, may be shorted depending on order quantities and other factors
Feb 14th-28th – Current estimated time for sets to ship from GMK to me and for sorting
Late Feb – early March – Shipping fulfillment from me to customers

Please note that this timeline is currently an estimate based off the currently available production timeline information. At any time this could change and cause the timeline to shift accordingly. Regular updates will be posted in the Geekhack and Keebtalk threads, to be linked here when they’re available, concerning the state of production and the timeline.

Geekhack GB thread:

Keebtalk GB thread:


GMK Renders – External link, zoomable

Coniferous R2 Mockups

Original Renders

Coniferous Renders by Kolruds

Bonsai Renders

Coniferous Bonsai Renders by Amnesia

Album of Round 1 sets

Coni Board Pics

Additional information

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Base, Spacebar, Novelty, Bonsai

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