GMK Forge GB – Ended


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This GB has ended and may open again in the future.


This is the order page for GMK Forge, imagined by Ryu in clean CR and bold P3.

Price drop points:

Base kit:
– 150 units – $173
– 250 units – $153

Spacebar kit:
– 100 units – $24
– 150 units – $21
– 250 units – $18

Current numbers(US Only):
– Base – 22/150
– Space – 14/100

Proxy store links:
– zFrontier –
– CandyKeys –

Please note that this is a group buy, meaning that payments are collected ahead of time, submitted all at once to the vendor, in this case GMK, and the product will be received and shipped to you at a later date within the timeline given. Part of this process means that I no longer have your money in my account after payment has been submitted to the vendor, so please don’t buy into this if you are planning on changing your mind and wanting a refund three days after I’ve submitted it to GMK.

Starting with this GB, I have implemented a “pre-order” system that lets you order now and not pay until after the GB is successful! This makes it much easier to adjust pricing when we hit drop points and lets you not have your money tied up for an extra month!

Please note that this group buy will run from 2/9 to 3/15, payment submission date is within 2 weeks of the end date, and has an estimated shipping date of 12-14 weeks after payment submission.

Please do not order this along with any other products in the store as they will ship separately from one another.

Shipping is via USPS Priority Mail with insurance for CONUS.

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International shipping is either USPS Priority International with insurance or USPS First Class International without insurance. Choosing First Class International comes with the disclaimer that you are knowingly choosing a shipping method that is not insured, are aware of the consequences of doing so, and are accepting responsibility for said consequences when you choose that shipping method at checkout(Consequences of choosing an uninsured shipping method include lost, damaged, or stolen packages, which you will assume the monetary responsibility of should you choose an uninsured shipping method). Additionally, I am recommending an insured shipping method as it is well worth the cost to avoid the possibility of issues later.

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Base, Spacebars

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