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Time for another fun cable GB, this time in a material that’s a little more kind to the person working with it(that’s me!): MDPC-X.

What is MDPC-X? It’s sort of a mix of Techflex and paracord. It’s made of a harder plastic like Techflex, but has the denser weave of paracord. This way it is able to offer a damage-resistant exterior but still provide dense coverage over the cable below it. Additionally, it comes in a wide range of colors that can be easily matched to whatever you want!

Imgur album available here for bigger pictures of the color selection:

The purpose of this GB is initial stocking of MDPC-X. The majority of the money from the GB sales will go towards funding my initial purchase of stock, meaning any color that hits MOQ will be a color that I’ll have in stock later on.

This GB has minimum values just like the Metal Braid GB did: 6 cables of each color are needed to get that color to MOQ, then there’s a max limit of 16 of each color.

Cable lengths for this buy will be 3ft and 6ft. Connector options will be the standard USB A, Mini, and Micro. Normal heatshrink options of Black, Grey, and White will be available for the buy.

This GB is planned to run from 11/28 until 12/26. Production of the cables is expected to begin approximately two weeks after the GB end date when materials are delivered(shipping from Germany is a bit slow) and is expected to take 2-4 weeks for completion depending on how many colors hit MOQ or max order numbers.

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Weight .2 oz
Dimensions 3 x 3 x .25 in



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USB Mini, USB Micro


Black, Grey, White

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