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Extras from the ScrabblePad PCB GB that happened at

There’s four components available:

PCB – $20 – Main component, requires 225 diodes and a controller to be soldered to make it work. May have small blemishes in the soldermask from manufacturing.

Controller – $15 – Teensy++2.0 replacement, tested and has the LED on D6 removed to function with the PCB.

Diodes – $4 – Pack of at least 230 diodes, may contain up to 250 due to counting by weight.

Mounting Pack – $3.5 – Contains the screws, standoffs, and bumpons for mounting a second PCB to the first to use as a skeleton case or to be used with a custom mounting solution.

Limited quantities are available FCFS. Some quantities are being withheld until the last of the GB orders are confirmed fulfilled. You cannot order non-PCB components without at least one PCB, otherwise the order will be cancelled. Orders will be shipped at the end of the week they’re placed.


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PCB, Controller, Diodes, Mounting Pack


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